Friday, May 15, 2015

Book find me tag

  • There are 10 categories and you have to find one book in each category! You can either list the titles of the book, or the pictures, really whatever you want to do, it’s totally up to you!

There were quite a few good ones! I didn't even put them all here! I can't wait to read the Abbi Glines book! Of course, I am also a Gillian Flynn fan.

I love books where chicks kick ass! These are just a few of my favorite covers. Released was very good and Kim Harrison's books are epic! Can't wait to read The Accidental Assassin and The Vampire's Daughter!

Tons of these especially since I love shifter books!

I've read all of these great books except Fallout, which just released and I already have it in my library!

Um, yes, I found sooo many!!! Had to put some of them up here!

The One had to be included of course! Wilde's Army was a great book. I just loved the other covers!

Most of the covers I found actually just show the couple preparing to kiss, not kissing.

Here are a few that closed the distance! Someone to Love is a great read and so was Chasing Olivia! Dying to read 10 years later and just added it to my library.

This was actually the hardest category to find! BUT The Consequence of Revenge is the one I'm dying to read! I've actually read all of these except Stalked by Death, which is in my library already! They are all great reads!

I had the hardest time finding books in this category! I've never read any of these, but they have fabulous covers!

I was surprised there were so many books that didn't revolve around mermaids! What kills me and White Raven were really good non-mermaid reads.

There were tons of these of course! I just went with the few that were in my already read library list. The Dark Heroine is one of my favorite reads!

There were some really good covers in this category! I especially love the Dangerous Creatures cover! I want to read 30 First Dates and Love Sucks was pretty good!

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