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Review of Midnight by Eve Eschenbacher

When ordinary girl, Karen, waits out her last year of high school, she hopes for magic. Her small town has nothing for her and she longs for adventure, which she finds at a party of all places. Finally away from the small town minds she meets someone new. Someone, who with a few scratches of ink on her skin, awakens a part of her she never knew about.

All of a sudden Karen is shown a whole new world, and Gabriel wants her to make it hers. All she has to do is love him eternally. Her new life is magical and amazing, until her new powers bring a new threat. Can she do what needs to be done? The sacrifices and decisions that will need to be made--Is she strong enough?

Expected publication: May 11th 2015 by Booktrope


My first impressions:

This book started off rocky for me. I had a hard time getting into the stories' cohesiveness. The characters Karen and Melissa had a relationship that felt a little awkward to me. It felt as if the author didn't quite have a grasp for the normal teenager. 
The whole intro scene about the party was jumbled and descriptions of clothing and language seemed really out of date. Take the love intrest, Gabriel, for example, he was wearing baggy jeans with a tight tee-shirt. If any teenager now or even years ago wore that, it would be like social suicide. It doesn't even make sense as an outfit. 
The whole time Karen was staring at Gabriel, while she was on the dance floor, she was thinking about the color of his eyes and how mesmerizing they were, but his head was turned to the side the entire time.
Throughout the story, Karen and Melissa had been best friends forever. Then, they have a fight over Karen spending a day with Gabriel and not Melissa. This seemed to be the downfall of a long-standing relationship. If my best friend blew me off for a guy even a couple of nights, I would forgive her. Sure I might be a little peeved, but not hysterical. The way the relationship went was way over the top. 
If that wasn't bad enough, Melissa goes home with a guy she met through Karen after only knowing him a few hours. Karen asked if she was sure, and she said YES! The next day, after an incident with this guy, she goes nuts on Karen and that was the end of the relationship. Again, this makes no sense. If my friend had lost it, even if I didn't approve of her choices, I would still be there for her and very concerned. She didn't contact Melissa again. 

Okay, here's the down and dirty of the book:

I was beyond aggravated by this point, but the mystery of the Midnight and of Gabriel kept me reading. I'm glad I did.
Once the mystery of the book started, it became more interesting. I kept trying to figure out what was going to happen. The concept in which the author chose to write was a highly original take on vampires/time travel/mystery solving. 
Craig had me so confused and I kept wondering what was going on with him the whole book. The author also had me guessing about Karen's relationship with Gabriel. Blair, Geoffry, Robert and Charles were all interesting supporting characters. 
As time went on in the story, even though it was really only a week, the story spanned over three-hundred years. There were quite a few plot twists that surprised me in a good way. 
I don't want to give anything good away, but this book sucks you in just about 25% of the way through. It was interesting and I had no clue how the story would end.
Even though the relationships were rocky and the story started off awkward, this story was worth the read on concept alone. Overall, this book gets four stars for a riveting story!

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