Thursday, May 21, 2015

Book Quotes #7- new release edition

This week I wanted to share some quotes from the new releases I happened to LOVE!!!! 

Check them out. Do any of them entice you enough to read the book? 

What are your favorite book quotes?

1. “I was slow to pick up on their hints. I knew what the Selection was, but never, not even once, had it been suggested as an option for any of us, let alone me.
Mom put up her hands, cautioning me. "Just listen-"
"A Selection?" I burst out. "That’s insane!"
"Eadlyn, you're being irrational. "
I glared at her. "You promised- you promised- you'd never force me into marrying someone for an alliance. How is this any better?"
"Hear us out," she urged.
"No!" I shouted. "I won't do it.”
Kiera Cass, The Heir

2. “Oh, I'm sure you just slipped and fell, and your tongue landed in her mouth. Right? Happens to the best of us.”
Rachel Vincent, Lion's Share 

3. “Sometimes mistakes are worth making.”
Megan Shepherd, The Cage 

4. “Okay, you must have forgotten that I know when someone's lying-it's one of my special, freaky priestess gifts, remember-the one you love to use until it becomes inconvenient for you? You can try to throw me off, but even half truths ring false with me.”
Amy A. Bartol, Sea of Stars 

5. “ have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, as long as you both shall live, including accidental or intentional immortality?”
Chloe Neill, Dark Debt 

6. “You broke my heart.
I fell for you and you broke my heart.
Period, done, end of story.”
Lauren Oliver, Vanishing Girls 

7. “Dimitri held up a car seat with one hand, which was almost comical. “We can go whenever you’re ready. Lana gave us this and swears it’s easy to install.”
Rose laughed at that. “Oh, this I’ve got to see, comrade. Dimitri Belikov, badass god, installing a baby’s car seat.”
Richelle Mead, The Ruby Circle 

8. “A kiss implied an introduction, a kind of conversation unwinding between two people. Usually two people who could actually stand each other’s company. This was like being thrown into the middle of the ocean when you’d never even set foot into a creek before.
He spun me around, pressing me against the stone wall as if even gravity was too much of an interruption, as if he couldn’t spare a single scrap of energy for standing, not when he could be kissing me.”
Alyxandra Harvey, Red 

9. “Jealousy is when you want something that you can’t have, something that doesn't belong to you. Being protective is defending what’s yours.” He leaned in, his hand closing around my jaw as his nose skimmed up to mine. “And you better believe that I’ll be protecting what’s mine.”
Shelly Crane, Undeniably Chosen 

 10. “I hear you snickering," Asher accuses. I can't even deny it. He looks up from the grass, eyebrows raised, ready to refute any argument I make. "I'll admit, this isn't going quite how I planned. You were suppose to lose, admiring my backside the entire way there, completely overwhelmed by my awesomeness. You were not supposed to strip me of my dignity.”
Kaitlyn Davis, Gathering Frost

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