Sunday, May 17, 2015

Review of The Alpha's Debt by Donna Flynn

Cara life had never been great. With an alcoholic mother and a dead end job she needed just to survive, she figured things couldn’t get much worse, but when she aides a classmate in trouble, she finds out she couldn’t have been further from the truth. Now, in order to survive, she must rely on the goodwill of the one guy she had never thought to ask for help,the one guy she knew could break her heart.

When Cara shows up with his sister one night after being chased by a wolf from another pack who wants his sister for his own, Tristan finds himself beholden to the one female who has always fascinated him and he vows to keep her safe. To protect her he will have to keep her close, to keep her there he will have to convince her that she can trust in him, but to fulfill the fate they were meant to share, he would have to overcome his own demons and learn to trust in love.


I've read several books by this author and sometimes the writing could use a little more editing. Not this one! This book was well written and I loved it!
It was fun getting to know Cara and the Alpha's family. I liked how Cara stood up to the antagonist, just wanted to help another person out! She had no idea what would happen as a repercussion.
The person who Cara helped out, turned out to be the Alpha's son of the local werewolf pack's sister. Due to her heroic actions, Tristan owes her a debt. He is now determined to protect her from the guy who plans to take his revenge out on her. 
Now she is forced to live with their family, for her protection. Her home life wasn't a walk in the park, so she finally relented and took up residence in their guest room.
Cara underestimates the danger she's in and things get tenuous. As the stakes get higher, the supernatural part of the family can no longer be contained. On top of that, Tristan has an agenda of his own.
I loved the way this story progressed and really happy with the outcome. The book was great and I hope the author keeps writing this as a series. It wasn't an intricate plot and I enjoyed the light read. 
There is lots of romance right along with the supernatural. That is my favorite blend, especially when you add on the book has shifters :) I have to give this story by Donna Flynn five glittery stars!


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