Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Book of the Week #17

My pick of the week:

These were a couple of books I snagged that didn't look impressive, but sounded good. I was happy I picked them up, though. They were a great werewolf set of books. If you're a shifter fan, then this new adult duology is for you!

 Book:Chased and Challenged

Author: Regina Bartley

Avery Samuels has left her West Virginia home and her mother to start her college life at Fallentown University. She quickly learns that fate is what brought her here, not her academic scholarship. With her best friend Sam by her side she is determined to have the best college life possible, until the quarterback heartthrob, Zenick Graysen, falls into her life. He will help her discover that her past and the father she never knew, holds the secrets to her future. But, will someone stand in her way for love, or will a Professor be the perfect distraction. Follow Ava on her journey that will keep you clawing for more.

Contains light sexual content and adult language.


 ****** There are NO cliffhangers******

Ava has chosen her mate, and has learned to become the wolf she really is. She takes her place in the pack that she belongs, but not before she is confronted with life changing decisions. Thanks to Grandma Graysen, she has learned that she has the courage to face any challenge, and so she does. Will the risk to save someone she loves be worth it, or will she lose everything because of it.

Please be advised there is mild adult language and mild sexual references!


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