Sunday, October 13, 2013

Teaser Sunday #3

Welcome to teaser Sunday!!! Each week, I will post a teaser from one of my current releases or a work in progress. Stay tuned and enjoy!

Have fun!

This current teaser is from my upcoming release, Dreamwalker (A Persephone's League of Immortals Book 1)! I hope you like it!

“Noel, I know you can hear me.  Open your door! Jeez, what is the matter with you?” she said as she banged her fists against the door.
I was humiliated and had no intention of letting Autumn in so I just turned up the television after randomly stopping on a rerun episode of The Vampire Diaries, one of my favorite shows.  The voices of Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley filled the room and I had temporarily forgotten Autumn outside the door.
Suddenly, my door burst open and my eyes met Autumn’s.  Autumn was waving a key, looking like a smart-ass as she shut the door behind her and then stopped suddenly.  She stared at me with a shocked look on her face as she observed what must have looked like a drunk, homeless person I realized quickly.  Tears of shame started to roll then.
With a look of concern, Autumn rushed over to hold out a tissue, not sure where to sit in the midst of my tissue mountain.  She daintily brushed off a corner of the couch and sunk into the cool leather.
“Nells, honey, what is going on with you?  I have been calling for days.  I leave for five days and you are a wreck!” she said in a worried tone.
“Brad dumped me!  He is such a jerk!  I feel like such a loser, Autumn.  He used every damn cliché in the book.”
Reaching over to console me, Autumn dropped her purse and wrapped her arms around me.  “Oh Nells, I am so sorry.  Brad most resembles the rear end of a donkey.  I never liked him.  Maybe I can put a hex or a curse on him,” she said hoping to get a reaction.
When she got nothing, she continued.  “Men are pigs.  I have told you this a million times.  Do you want to key his stupid car?  We could spray paint asshole across it in neon colors if you like.”
I just buried my face in Autumn’s arms and cried harder.  Her idea just sounded like a bad revenge song and I could never be that girl.
“Okay, so no to defacing his car.  How about sneaking into his apartment and putting purple hair dye in his shampoo?  Oh I know!  We could put a skunk in his closet or post those naked pictures of him on all the blog sites.”
Finally, Autumn got a reaction.  I just replied flatly, “That would probably help his book sales.”
Encouraged, she continued.  “Not if we use photo shop on it first.”
I let out a little hiccup-snort.  “That would make me feel a little better.  While we are over there, we should also give Jingles some laxatives too.  He hates cleaning up dog crap.”
The tears were dissipating now and my eyes were starting to clear.  All though the threats were empty, the idea of them still made me feel better.  I even managed a slow half smile. 

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