Saturday, May 25, 2013

Indie-licious blog hop #13

We here at Indie-Licious love blog hops. We love them so much that we host one once a week on Sundays.

Sign ups are from 12:00 am Tuesdays through 11:59 pm Saturday, EST. Just enter your info into the Linky List. We only ask that you post teasers no longer than a paragraph. Anything longer than this will make it difficult for everyone to read and comment on your entry.

Have fun!

Here is a teaser from Dissolve, out May 31st!!!

In no time we managed to make it to the zoo and Nessa paid the cab fare. We slipped through the entrance gate and were soon blending into the throng of people easy enough. I relaxed slightly.
There were dozens upon dozens of families out on this particular Sunday afternoon for the new penguin exhibit. Signs for the exhibit were plastered all over and lots of kids were whooping and hollering. Among the energetic crowd, we needed to find a place to talk. I was just about to suggest the café to Nessa when out of nowhere someone pushed into her. She clattered to the floor in a heap.
I frowned and prepared to yell, “Watch it,” but when I looked around, I saw no trace of anyone nearby. Confused, I leaned down to help Nessa up.
“Yuck! Dirty concrete is so gross!” Nessa exclaimed as she stood up and dusted off with disgust.
“I looked, but I couldn’t see who knocked you over. Are you okay?”
“I saw him. The jackass stabbed me in the arm with something. It burns something wicked,” she said, pointing at a tiny needle mark on her right arm.
“Nessa, this is so not good. There’s no telling what that could have been. Maybe we should take you to the hospital,” I offered.

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