Friday, May 3, 2013

Ten topics that make me want to read a book or not

Topics That Instantly Make Me Pick Up A Book

Have I mentioned that yet?
Okay, everyone has things that catch their eye when looking at books.
Here are ten of mine:

1. The Cover
2. The description
3. Werewolves
4. Fairytale Romance (and they lived happily ever after)
5. Vampires
6. New Adult
7. Certain favorite authors
8. Young adult with romance
9. Romantic books with comic relief
10. Strong heroines
11. Indie authors

Things that deter me from buying a book:

1. Abuse
2. Gritty romances
3. Mermaids/selkies
4. Books with really low ratings
5. Dragons
6. Books told from the guy's POV
7. No romance in the story
8. Tragedies
9. Erotica
10. Historical books of any kind
11. Outer Space

Tell me, what makes you pick up a book or put it back?

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