Sunday, May 12, 2013

Review of a Summer to Remember by Jessica Gunhammer


Eighteen-year-old Ava knows this summer is going to be one of the best ones yet, but it isn't going how she originally planned...

Ava's life takes an unexpected turn on graduation day, when Jason, the love of her life, suddenly dumps her. Blindsided and feeling betrayed she is determined to win him back at the end of year frat party. Something that wasn't in her plan, however, was being sidetracked by a complete and total stranger. Caught off guard by this unexplainable attraction, she can't figure out why she's having such a hard time forgetting about him.

Adrian had one thing on his mind that night. It was to get through the summer and not have to worry about anything, but working with his dad and getting the hell out of this small town...

When he meets Ava his whole world is turned upside down. He doesn't know why but he knows that this is the girl he's supposed to be with. The only problem is going to be trying to convince her of the same thing.


 I have mixed emotions about this book.  It was decent.  The writing was good and there weren't mistakes to distract.  
That being said, there were a few spots that lulled but I liked the story.  The romance was great.  I really enjoyed getting to know the characters too.  Jessica did a great job developing wonderful characters.  
I wanted to know what was going to happen with Ava and Adrian so bad!!!! And then.  The book just ended.  The story didn't resolve any loose ends at all.  I was so disappointed.  Of course, there will be a sequel.  Just know that going in so you aren't caught off guard.
I look forward to seeing what book two has in store for Ava and Adrian.  Overall a good book and I give it four glittery stars!

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